STAAD.Pro Help

TR.48.1 Parameter Specifications

This set of commands may be used to specify the parameters required for steel and aluminum design.

Each design code supported by STAAD.Pro has an associated list of control parameters that allow the attributes associated with the members to be defined. The default values for the parameters associated with a design code are documented in the section associated with that code. Refer to D. Available Steel Design Codes for the list of available steel design codes. The section for each design code contains a titled "Design Parameters" which documents the available parameters and the default values that will be used unless alternatives are specified.

Parameters are defined in a collection that is initiated with the command PARAMETER and followed by a design code. This collection of parameters is referred to as a "parameter block."

Note: The code specified in the parameter block will determine the design code that will be used in any subsequent design command (e.g., CHECK CODE or SELECT).

General Format

CODE design-code
parameter-name f1  { MEMBER memb-list  | member-group-nameALL| PMEMBER psychical-member-list }


PARAMETER (i) Optional value used to identify the parameter block.
CODE design-code The CODE parameter is used to specify the steel or aluminum design code and code edition to be checked for design. The default code is AISC ASD.

Refer to D. Available Steel Design Codes and D. Available Aluminum Design Codes for the lists of available steel and aluminum design codes, respectively.

parameter-name f1 refers to the Parameter Names listed in the parameter table contained in the Steel Design and Aluminum Design sections. f1 refers to the value of the parameter.

The details of the parameters available for specific codes may be found in D. Design Codes.

You can control the design through specification of proper parameters.

MEMBER memb-list a list of member numbers that the parameter value applies to. This can be a simple list of member numbers or can include a range defined by two numbers separated by the keyword TO.
member-group-name Refer to TR.16 Entities as Single Objects for the definition of member group names.
ALL Indicates that the assigned value of the given parameter is assigned to all the members in the model.
PMEMBER psychical-member-list This is used only with parameters associated with a physical member and lists the physical members to which the parameter value applies.


KY 1.5 MEMB 3 7 TO 11
NSF 0.75 ALL


  • All unit-sensitive values should be the current input unit system.
  • For default values of parameters, refer to the appropriate parameter table.
  • Where a parameter is assigned to a member multiple times, the last value given before a design command is used.