STAAD.Pro Help

TR.32.7 Fixed-End Load Specification

This command may be used to specify FIXED END loads on members (beams only) of the structure.

General Format

memb-list FXLOAD f1, f2, … f12


member_list normal STAAD.Pro member list rules (TO and BY for generation; and  -  to continue list to next line).
f1f6 Force-x, shear-y, shear-z, torsion, moment-y, moment-z (all in local coordinates) at the start of the member.
f7f12 Same as above except at the end of the member.

If less than 12 load values are entered, zero values will be added to the end. The loads may be extended to one additional line by ending the first load line with a - (hyphen).

These loads are given in the member local coordinate system and the directions are opposite to the actual load on the member.