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TR.13.2 Solid Element Incidences Specification

Use the following commands to specify 4- through 8-noded elements, also known as solid elements.

Additional information on these elements is available in G.5.2 Solid Elements.

General Format

The element incidences for solid elements are to be identified using the expression SOLID to distinguish them from plate/shell elements.

i1 i2 i3 i4 i5 i6 i7 i8 i9 ( TO i10 i11 i12 )
REPEAT n ei ji
REPEAT ALL n ei ji


ELEMENT INCIDENCES SOLID must be provided immediately after MEMBER INCIDENCES (if any) are specified as well as after the ELEMENT INCIDENCES SHELL (if any). 

i1 Element number
i2i9 Joint number of the solid element
i10 Last element number to be generated
i11 Element number increment
i12 Joint number increment
n Number of times REPEAT or REPEAT ALL is be to be carried out
ei Element number increment
ji Joint number increment

Specify the four nodes of any of the faces of the solid element in a counter-clockwise direction as viewed from the outside of the element and then go to the opposite face and specify the four nodes of that face in the same direction used in specifying the nodes of the first face. The opposite face must be behind the first face, as defined by the right hand rule, i.e., the opposite (back) face points to the first (front) face, which points to the viewer. 

Use REPEAT ALL 0 to start a set of solids that will be repeated if you don’t want to repeat back to the last REPEAT ALL.  


1 1 5 6 2 21 25 26 22 TO 3
4 21 25 26 22 41 45 46 42 TO 6