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TR.13.1 Plate and Shell Element Incidence Specification

This set of commands is used to specify elements by defining the connectivity between joints. REPEAT and REPEAT ALL commands are available to facilitate generation of repetitive patterns.

The element incidences must be defined such that the model developed represents one single structure only, not two or more separate structures. STAAD.Pro is capable of detecting multiple structures automatically

General Format

i1 i2 i3 i4 (i5) ( TO i6 i7 i8 )
REPEAT n ei ji
REPEAT ALL n ei ji


ELEMENT INCIDENCES SHELL must be provided immediately after MEMBER INCIDENCES (if any) are specified. The REPEAT command causes the previous line of input to be repeated n number of times with specified element and joint increments. The REPEAT ALL command functions similar to the REPEAT command, except that it repeats all previously specified input back to the most recent REPEAT ALL command; or to the beginning of the specification if no previous REPEAT ALL command had been issued. Use REPEAT ALL 0 0 0 to start a set of elements that will be repeated if you don’t want to repeat back to the last REPEAT ALL.

i1 Element number (any number up to six digits). If MEMBER INCIDENCE is provided, this number must not coincide with any MEMBER number.
i2i5 Clockwise or counterclockwise joint numbers which represent the element connectivity. i5 is not needed for triangular (3 noded) elements.

The following parameters are needed if elements are to be generated:

i6 Last element number to which elements are generated.
i7 Element number increment by which elements are generated. Defaults to 1 if omitted.
i8 Joint number increment which will be added to incident joints. Defaults to 1 if omitted.

The following data is needed if REPEAT or REPEAT ALL commands are used to generate elements:

n Number of times repeat is to be carried out.
ei Element number increment.
ji Joint number increment.

The PRINT ELEMENT INFO command may be used to verify the element incidences provided or generated by REPEAT and REPEAT ALL commands.

Tip: Use the Post Processing facility to verify geometry graphically.


1 1 2 7 6
2 3 4 8
3 8 9 11 10 TO 8
9 1 3 7 TO 14