STAAD.Pro Help

New Connection Tag dialog

Used to define new connection tags and optionally assign member end restraints associated with a connection tag.

Opens when either:

  • Connection Tags > Remove Connection Tags is selected from the right-click pop-up menu when a member is selected, or
  • the New tool is selected in the Assign Connection Tags dialog

The New Connection Tag dialog

Select Categories Use the drop down list to select one of the connection tag categories defined in the Connection Tag XML file. Additional category descriptions are displayed.
Select Tags Use the drop down list to select one of the connection tags defined in the selected category.  When selected, the member end releases defined for this connection tag are indicated in the inactive degree of freedom check boxes in the Releases group.
Assign Beam End Releases Set this check box option on to assign the indicated member end releases for the connection tag in the STAAD.Pro model when the connection tag is assigned.
Tip: This is recommended so the releases match those assumed by the connection tag.
Location Select either the Start or End member end (or both) for adding this connection tag to the Assign Connection Tags dialog table or assigning to currently selected members.
Note: At least one Location must be selected in order to add or assign the connection tag.
  • Start – The start node of the member.
  • End – The end node of the member.
Add Adds the selected connection tags at the selected location to the Assign Connection Tags dialog table.
Close Closes the dialog.
Assign Assigns the current connection tags to the current member selection in the STAAD.Pro model. These connection tags will also be added to the Assign Connection Tags dialog.