STAAD.Pro Help

D. Load Envelope dialog

Used to specify the loads which will be included in the Load Envelope used for steel connection design.

Opens when the Add Load Envelope tool is selected in the Connection Design workflow.


Select the source of connection design load envelopes:

  • Defined Envelopes - Select this option to use a load envelope which has been previously defined for this model. A list of all defined envelopes is then available in the drop-down list.
  • Envelope of Load Cases in Selected List - The option will be inactive if no load envelopes have been defined.
Loads Use the controls to populate the selected load list for a new load envelope.
Click this button… to…
> Add the selected load case to the Selected list
>> Add all load cases to the Selected list.
<< Remove all entries in the Selected list, load combination is placed back in the Available list.
< Remove the selected entry from the Selected list.
The Selected list displays load cases that have been selected.

Click this button to accept changes made to the Load Envelope.


Click this button to close the dialog with no changes saved.

Apply Click to apply the changes without closing the dialog.

This button opens the online documentation.