STAAD.Pro Help

D4.C.1 Cross-Sectional Properties

You specify the geometry of the cross-section by selecting one of the section shape designations from the Gross Section Property Tables published in the "Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual", AISI, 1996 Edition.

The Tables are currently available for the following shapes:

  • Channel with Lips

  • Channel without Lips

  • Angle with Lips

  • Angle without Lips

  • Z with Lips

  • Z without Lips

  • Hat

Shape selection may be done using the member property pages of the graphical user interface (GUI) or by specifying the section designation symbol in the input file.

The properties listed in the tables are gross section properties. STAAD.Pro uses unreduced section properties in the structure analysis stage. Both unreduced and effective section properties are used in the design stage, as applicable.