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D14.A.1 Design Parameters

The program contains a number of parameters which are needed to perform and control the design to SABS 0100-1. These parameters not only act as a method to input required data for code calculations but give the engineer control over the actual design process. Default values of commonly used parameters for conventional design practice have been chosen as the basis. Table 17A.1 contains a complete list of available parameters with their default values.
Note: Once a parameter is specified, its value stays at that specified number until it is specified again. This is the way STAAD.Pro works for all codes.
Table 1. South African Concrete Design SABS 0100-1 Parameters
Parameter Name Default Value Description

Must be specified as SABS0100.

Design code to follow. See TR.53.2 Concrete Design-Parameter Specification.


Column bracing:

  • 0. Column braced in both directions.
  • 1. Column braced about local Y direction only
  • 2. Column unbraced about local Z direction only
  • 3. Column unbraced in both Y and Z directions
CLB 20mm Clear Cover for outermost bottom reinforcement
CLS 20mm Clear Cover for outermost side reinforcement
CLT 20mm Clear Cover for outermost top reinforcement
DEPTH YD Depth of concrete member, in current units. This value default is as provided as YD in MEMBER PROPERTIES.
ELY 1.0 Member length factor about local Y direction for column design.
ELZ 1.0 Member length factor about local Z direction for column design.
FC 30N/mm2 Concrete Yield Stress / cube strength, in current units.
FYMAIN 450 N/mm2 Yield Stress for main reinforcement, in current units.
FYSEC 450N/mm2 Yield Stress for secondary reinforcement a, in current units. Applicable to shear bars in beams
MAXMAIN 50mm Maximum required reinforcement bar size Acceptable bars are per MINMAIN above.
MINMAIN 8mm Minimum main reinforcement bar size Acceptable bar sizes: 6 8 10 12 16 20 25 28 32 36 40 50 60
MINSEC 8mm Minimum secondary bar size a. Applicable to shear reinforcement in beams

Output detail

  • 0. Critical Moment will not be printed with beam design report. Column design gives no detailed results.
  • 1. For beam gives min/max steel % and spacing. For columns gives a detailed table of output with additional moments calculated.
  • 2. Output of TRACK 1.0 List of design sag/hog moments and corresponding required steel area at each section of member
WIDTH ZD Width of concrete member, in current units. This value default is as provided as ZD in MEMBER PROPERTIES.