STAAD.Pro Help

Select New Macro File Name dialog

Used to create a new VB macro file for use in STAAD.Pro.

Opens when either Edit > Create New VB Macro… is selected or Create New is clicked in the Macro dialog.

Save in

Select the drive and folder where the new macro file will be saved. Several common Windows folder navigation tools are provided.

File list

A list of existing macro files is displayed here.

File name

Specify the file name in this text box.

Save as type

VB macros can be saved in one of two file types, depending on the level of file protection you want.

  • A VBS macro file is a standard macro file, the contents (code) of which can be viewed by other users in any standard text editor.
  • A VBZ macro file is a protected macro file, the contents of which cannot be viewed even in an external editor like Notepad. This is useful when you want to sell the macro or simply protect its contents from unintentional editing as part of a quality control program.

Used to add a brief description of the macros function. This is helpful in identifying similarly named macros

Create New

Creates the file with the specified information and opens the file in the STAAD.Pro Macro Editor window.


Closes the dialog without creating a new macro file