STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2006-1004.1.1 New AISC Unified Code

A new steel design code module has been added to STAAD.Pro, which allows steel beam sections to be designed to the rules defined in AISC specification, Specification for Steel Buildings, March 9 2005, ANSI/AISC 360-05. This is also referred to as the AISC Unified Code. The GUI has been updated to allow you to enter the design information for this new design code.

To perform a design of steel sections to the AISC Unified Code, a design parameter block containing the command CODE AISC UNIFIED followed by the command to perform a CODE CHECK or MEMBER SELECTION must be added to the STAAD.Pro data file.

The GUI has been updated by adding AISC UNIFIED in the Steel Design dialog:

When this design code option is selected, clicking on the Define Parameters button at the base of the dialog box will in turn open the Design Parameters dialog that will allow parameters to be added or added and assigned to specific steel members.

Note: Design to this module is only possible if your security allows design to US design codes.