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D5.D.7.1 Clause 3.2.1(1) - Material Properties

The material strengths (i.e., steel grade strengths) to be used with SFS-EN 1993-1-1 are given in Table 3.1 of the code. These steel grade values are specified using the SGR parameter (Refer to D5.C.6 Design Parameters).

The Finnish National Annex states in Cl. 3.1(2) that, apart from the steel grades specified in Table 3.1 of SFS EN 1993-1-1, the following steel grades can also be used:

  • Steel grades S315MC, S355MC, S420MC and S460MC according to SFS-EN 10149-2
  • Steel grades S260NC, S315NC, S355NC and S420NC according to SFS-EN 10149-3

These grades of steel can be specified by using the PY (Yield Strength) and FU (Ultimate Strength) parameters in STAAD.Pro. Set these parameters to the respective values as given in SFS-EN 10149-2/3 for the steel grades specified above. The choice of the buckling curve to be used is based on the value of the SGR parameter specified. The output will include the appropriate yield strength used for design.