STAAD.Pro Help

OS. To create the dialog form

Your cursor should be located where the dialog code will be inserted. If you deleted the comment line in the previous procedure, then your cursor is in the correct location (i.e., line 4).

  1. Select the User Dialog tool in the Design group.

    The UserDialog Editor opens.
  2. Either:

    Click the Edit Item Properties tool


    Right-click anywhere in the form layout

    The Edit User Dialog Properties dialog opens.
  3. Type 600 in the Width field and then 200 in the Height field. These values are somewhat arbitrary, but allow for a sufficient amount of space to include the dialog controls.
  4. Type 2D Frame Model in the Caption field.
  5. Click Close.
  6. Select the Set Grid tool. The Grid Settings dialog opens.
  7. Type 5 for both the Horizontal and Vertical grid values.
  8. Click OK.