STAAD.Pro Help

I. To export to a DXF file

To export the model geometry to an AutoCAD DXF file, use the following procedure.

The following table maps the exported model entities to DXF objects.
STAAD Model Entity DXF Object
member line
element or surface 3Dface
solid 3Dface (multiple)
  1. Select the File ribbon tab. The backstage view opens.
  2. Select the Import/Export tab and then one of the following in the Export group:
    Option Description
    3D DXF Exports the entire model into a 3D DXF file. A Windows Save As dialog opens.
    2D DXF Exports a selected plane of the model into a 2D DXF file. This option opens the Export 2D DXF dialog.
  3. If you select the 2D DXF option, you must specify the plane of the model:
    1. Select the global plane orientation to you want to use for the two dimensions.
    2. Select the node to define where this plane is cut in the model.
    3. Select the Options tab and then check the labels to include, if any, in the DXF drawing.
    4. Type a Text Size to use for the labels.
    5. Click OK.
    A Windows Save As dialog opens.
  4. Type the name of the exported file and then click Save.
The model geometry is exported as a drawing file.