STAAD.Pro Help

P. To display steel design utilization ratios

To display member utilization values and color-coded design results on the structure, use the following procedure.

The utilization ratios for members are only available for steel design performed in the batch mode.

The utilization ratio is for the load envelope used for design and is not affected by the current load case in the Postprocessing workflow.

Note: For AISC 360-16, multiple parameter blocks (multiple steel designs) can be reviewed in the user interface.
  1. (Optional) On the Results ribbon tab, select the parameter block or maximum design from the Design Parameters drop-down list.

    If an input file contains multiple parameter blocks (steel design parameter sets) or multiple design commands (steel code check or member selections) within a single parameter block, then the results are available in the Postprocessing workflow. Parameter sets are numbered and multiple design commands in the same parameter block are given as decimals.

    Note: This feature is compatible with AISC 360-16 only in this release.
  2. O

    on the Results ribbon tab, select the Layouts > Utilization tool in the View Results group.


    on the Results ribbon tab, select the Utilization Ratio tool in the View Results group

    The utilization ratio label is shown next to each member included in the steel design.
    Note: Members are color coded: green for passing design, blue for failing less than 50% over utilization, and red for failing more than 50% over utilization.

    The Design Results table includes a tab for All members as well as for Failed members.

  3. (Optional) Change the color coded limits:
    1. On the Results ribbon tab, select the Structure tool in the Configuration group. The Diagrams dialog opens.
    2. Select the Design Results tab.
    3. In the color-coding table, change the To cell values for the green and blue rows. For example, you may want to change the green (passing) utilization ratio to 1.003 and the blue (nearly passing) utilization ratio to 1.05 to get a "feel" for where the members are nearly adequate.
    4. Click Apply. The diagram color coding updates accordingly.
    5. Click OK.