STAAD.Pro Help

I. STAAD Input Files

These are text files which list structure geometry, material properties, loading data, analysis commands, design commands, and other related structure input data which the STAAD.Pro analysis and design engine interprets upon running an analysis.

These files are the primary files created in the STAAD.Pro graphical interface and can be edited directly using the STAAD.Pro Editor.

Tip: STAAD input files use the .std file extension.

STAAD Command Language and Syntax

The advantage of using the STAAD.Pro Editor over other plain text editors is that the syntax of the STAAD command language is natively understood and will be appropriately marked (this functionality may be customized in the STAAD.Pro Editor Settings dialog). The following represents an overview of the language structure:
  • English based - Input commands use full English words (though these may be shortened in many instances) or common engineering nomenclature.
  • Case insensitive - Input data is not case sensitive.
  • Line continuation - Lines containing lists may be continued to the next line by ending the line with a blank and a hyphen. Some lists have special rules or considerations.
  • Comments - Lines may be marked as a comment (information which is ignored by the program) by including an asterisk (*) as the first non-blank character in any line. By default, comment lines will appear in green in the STAAD.Pro Editor window.

Refer to TR.1 Command Language Conventions for additional information on the STAAD Command Language.