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T.2 Copying Model Objects by Circular Repeat

By examining the structure diagram for this tutorial exercise, you may have observed that members 4 and 5 can be easily generated if we could first create a copy of members 1 and 2 and then rotate those copied units about a vertical line passing through the point (6, 0, 0, that is, node 4) by 90 degrees. Fortunately, such a facility does exist which can be executed in a single step. It is called Circular Repeat and is available under the Geometry menu.

  1. Right click anywhere in the view window and select Labels from the pop-up menu.

    The Diagrams dialog opens to the Labels tab.

  2. Set the Node Numbers and Beam Numbers on and then click OK.

    Select the Node and Beam numbers

    Tip: Alternatively, you can press <Shift+N> and then <Shift+B> to quickly toggle the same labels. The letters in parenthesis on the Labels tab indicate these <Shift> key shortcuts.
  3. (Optional) You can change the font of the labels by selecting File > Settings > Display Options and then changing the corresponding label Font size in the Options dialog.
  4. Select the first column and beam for copying:
    1. On the Select ribbon tab, select the Beam Cursor tool in the Cursors group.

    2. Holding the <Ctrl> key, click on members 1 and 2.
  5. On the Geometry ribbon tab, select the Circular Repeat tool in the Structure group.

    The 3D Circular dialog opens.
  6. Specify the circular repeat details:
    1. Select Y as the Axis of Rotation.
    2. Type 4 in the Node field.

      This is the node number through which the rotation axis will pass.

      Tip: You can click the Node Selection tool here and then click on the node you want the rotation axis to pass through in the View window.
    3. Type 6 in the point X Coordinate field and type 0 in the point Z Coordinate field.
    4. Type 90 in the Total Angle field.
    5. Set the No of Steps value to 1.
    6. Clear the Link Steps, Geometry Only, and Use this as the Reference Point for the Beta angle generation options.
    7. Click OK.
  7. Click anywhere away from the members in the View window to deselect the members.

The frame members drawn

Tip: Remember to save your work by either click Save on the File ribbon tab , the Save tool, or pressing <CTRL+S>.