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AD.2007-08.5.2 ASME NF 3000-2001 Service Level Conditions

All editions of the ASME NF 3000 code now can be designed for different service level conditions as defined by that code.

Service Level Conditions are basically the loading conditions for which the plant structure and its components are to be designed. The same primary load can be multiplied by different factors to signify the different service levels. Also the load combinations for various service levels are different and pre-defined by the code.

Each ASME NF 3000 code edition now contains the a new design parameter, SLR, which is used to specify the service condition level as defined in the codes. For the case of service level D (failure), three additional new parameters –KS, KV, and KBK– are used to directly specify the service level factors.

Design of members per ASME NF 3000 - 2001 requires the STAAD Nuclear Design Codes SELECT Code Pack.

Refer to D1.L.5. ASME NF 3000 Service Level Conditions for additional information.