STAAD.Pro Help

M. To generate plate mesh from corner nodes

To generate a finite element mesh by selecting corner nodes, use the following procedure.

You must have three or more existing nodes that lie in a plane in your analytical model.

This procedure is used to immediately generate a mesh within a selection of vertices. If you would like to investigate changing parameters prior to generating a mesh or to add openings with the mesh, then you may want to use the procedure a parametric mesh model instead.
  1. On the Geometry ribbon tab, select the Generate Mesh > Create Mesh tool in the Plate group.

    The mouse pointer changes to a mesh cursor.
  2. Click the nodes that will form the vertices of the mesh area, in either a clockwise or counter clockwise order.
    • The order of the nodes should be in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
    • The nodes must for a polygonal area (i.e., they edges cannot cross).
    • The nodes must lie in the same plane.
  3. When you have select the corner nodes, either:

    select the first node again


    press <Esc>

    The Choose Meshing Type dialog opens.
  4. Select the type of meshing to use and then click OK.
    Polygonal Meshing
    Only triangular elements will be created
    Quadrilateral Meshing
    This will create principally four sided elements, but where the geometry dictates, some places may require triangular elements.
    The Define Mesh Region dialog opens.
  5. Review the mesh vertices:
    1. Click the Add New Row tool to add a new vertex.
    2. Click the Delete Row tool to remove the currently selected row.
    3. Select the Holes tree entry to add openings to the mesh.
  6. Click OK. The specified area within the vertices is meshed.