STAAD.Pro Help

GS. Starting STAAD.Pro

STAAD.Pro is a powerful structural analysis and design application that is managed through the management of one or more licenses. The licenses are used to unlock and provide access to features and capabilities. When starting STAAD.Pro it is important to ensure that the correct licenses are identified as these will be logged as usage and accounted for against your organization's portfolio. It is recommended that you check with your organizations manager to ensure you make a suitable selection that provides all the capabilities you need to achieve your goals.

The fundamental operation of STAAD.Pro itself can operate in one of two levels of primary capabilities which can be classed as either:
  • STAAD.Pro – The basic analysis and design solution.

    This requires use of a STAAD.Pro license.

  • STAAD.Pro Advanced – The extends the basic STAAD.Pro application with additional capabilities such as an eigen-based advanced buckling analysis, geometric non-linear analysis, and other advanced analysis methods, a faster analysis solver, and access to advanced concrete design using RCDC.

    This requires use of both STAAD.Pro AND STAAD.Pro Advanced licenses.

Other additional features and capabilities can be unlocked and accessed with complimentary licenses such as STAAD Nuclear Design Codes, STAAD.Beava for bridge deck loading, RAM Connection for the design of steel member connections. These additional licenses can be selected when STAAD.Pro is started.

Note: To find out more about the features and capabilities for the various licenses, visit
  1. Start STAAD.Pro by one of the following methods:

    double-click the STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition icon on your desktop


    click the Windows Start button and then select Bentley Engineering > STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition V22


    in the program group, select the STAAD.Pro icon.


    in Windows Explorer, double-click a STAAD.Pro file (with the file extension .std)


    in Windows Explorer, double-click the icon for STAADPro.exe.

    Note: Until you have activated a license for the program, it will remain in Limited mode and only function for 15 minutes before shutting down the application.
    The STAAD.Pro License Information dialog opens.
  2. (Optional) To configure the license for this session:
    1. Click Configure Licenses. The STAAD.Pro License Configuration dialog opens.
    2. Select the Product Type and any Additional Licenses you need to use for this session. Please refer to the product ReadMe or click the Help with license selection link for additional details.
    3. Click Accept. The STAAD.Pro window opens to the Start page.
  3. Click Continue. The STAAD.Pro window opens to the Start page.