STAAD.Pro Help

GS. Using Online Help

The Web help opens in your default web browser.

The Help window consists of two panes — the navigation pane on the left and the topic pane on the right.

The navigation pane has the following tabs:
  • Contents — used for browsing topics.
  • Index — index of help content.
  • Glossary — glossary of the help content.
  • Search — displays the search results.
  • Tool Index — index of the tools.

Hypertext links, which appear in color and are underlined when you hover the pointer over them, let you move easily between related topics.

Note: In case you are not able to view the Web help properly in Internet Explorer, make sure you turn off the Enable Protected Mode check box in the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog.
Note: The text size in the topic pane on the right is controlled by your web browser. To learn how to change the web page’s text size, consult the web browser's Help file.

To open the Help window


Click the Help tool in the top, right corner of the application window


Press <F1>

The Help window opens and the Contents tab is displayed.
The Help window consists of two panes — the navigation pane on the left and the topic pane on the right. At the top of the topic pane is a topic banner containing additional navigation tools.

To browse topics using the Contents tab

  1. On the Contents tab, click the symbol preceding any link to expand its contents.
  2. Continue expanding folders until you reach the desired topic.
  3. Select a topic to display its content in the topic pane.

To display the next or previous topic according to the topic order shown in the Contents tab

View… Select…
the next topic click the right arrow in the help window's control bar
the previous topic click the left arrow in the help window's control bar
To navigate in this manner, it is not necessary to first select the Contents tab.

To use the index to find help content

  1. Select the Index tab.
  2. Scroll through the index using the scroll bar to find a specific entry.
    Tip: Press <Ctrl+F> to use your web browser's find feature to locate instances of a word or phrase in the index.
  3. Select the desired entry. The content that the selected index entry is referencing displays in the topic pane.

To search for text in the help content

  1. In the Enter search terms field, type the word or phrase for which you are searching.
  2. Either:

    Click Search


    Press <Enter>

    Results of the search display on the Search tab.
  3. Click the title of any search result.
  4. (Optional) Search for a term within a topic:
    1. Press <Ctrl+F> Your browser's search dialog opens.
    2. Type the word or phrase for which you are searching.
    3. Click Next to find each occurrence of the text in this topic.

Search results vary based on the quality of the search criteria entered in the Search field. The more specific the search criteria, the more narrow the search results. You can improve your search results by improving the search criteria. For example, a word is considered to be a group of contiguous alphanumeric characters. A phrase is a group of words and their punctuation. A search string is a word or phrase on which you search.