STAAD.Pro Help

OS. Macros Included with STAAD.Pro

Several macros are installed with the program.

These Visual Basic files are installed in C:\Program Files\Bentley\Engineering\STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition\STAAD\PlugIns\VBS by default.

Note: Additional information on using these macros in the program can be found in Utilities tab.
File name Description
Create Material.vbs Reads entries in the file MaterialSpreadsheet.csv and displays a list of the material/grade names. Users can add the selection as a material definition to the model.
EuroCombinations.vbs Used to add combinations with load factors per the Eurocode to the model.
ObjectIDs.vbs Generates a table that displays GUIDs of nodes, members, and physical members.
ObjectUpdateReport.vbs This macro can be used to create two Object ID reports, one capturing the situation before the STAAD model went through the CIS/2 Update tool and one post-update. By comparing the two reports, you can find out which entities are newly introduced due update workflow and if this is the intended result (i.e., should those be new or should have retained the original GUID, but got changed due to a workflow problem/bug, etc.).
STAAD2SACS.vbs Used to export the model data to a Bentley SACS model.
ToAutoPipePub.vbs Used to export the model data to a Bentley AutoPIPE model.