STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2006-1002.1.2 Enhancement to Physical Member Query Window

With the enhancement of the physical Member in the Pre-Processing Mode, the Query dialog box obtained when a physical member is double clicked.

Select a Physical Member by using the Physical Member cursor, and double-click on that to view the Physical Member Query dialog box.

Pre-Processing Information

Prior to any analysis being performed, the physical member information available is displayed in the following three sheets Geometry, Property, and Loading.

All those common physical member attributes, assigned to that particular physical member (i.e., to all the analytical members comprising that physical member) are displayed in these information fields, as shown below:

Post Processing Information

If an analysis has been performed and there are results available, the following post processing results are made available in two additional sheets Shear Bending, to view the Shear Force diagram, Bending Moment Diagram, and Deflection to display deflected shape information.

Note: The design of Physical Members is only performed in the Steel Design Mode and note the batch method in the current version of STAAD.Pro.