STAAD.Pro Help

I. To import a CIS/2 file

To import a CIS/2 STEP file, use the following procedure.

The initial structural model will be created in your external 3D modeling software and exported as a CIS/2 STEP file, consisting of both analytical and physical model definitions. Limited load modeling can be done in some modeling software –such as SmartPlant® 3D– before the initial export.
Note: If you are importing into an empty STAAD input file, then you will be creating a new file. Otherwise, the program assumes you are updating an existing file with changes in a CIS/2 file.
  1. Select the File ribbon tab. The backstage view opens.
  2. Select the Import/Export tab and then CIS/2 in the Import group. A Windows Open dialog opens.
  3. Select the CIS/2 (*.stp) file you want to import and then click Open. The Cis2Link dialog opens.
  4. Either:

    for new models, click Import Model


    for models with existing data, click Update STAAD Model

    The data is read and the import progress is reported in the log window.
  5. (Optional) Click Save Log File to save this information to a text file.
  6. Click Close.
The model data has been imported into your STAAD project.

If you need to update your STAAD.Pro model with changes made to the CIS/2 file, repeat this procedure.