STAAD.Pro Help

To assign properties to a physical member

You must first create one or more physical member properties and then these can be assigned to physical members.

  1. Select the General | Property page.
  2. Select the Toggle Physical Member mode tool in the Physical Member toolbar.
  3. Create a physical property:
    1. In the Properties - Whole Structure dialog, click Define. The Propety dialog opens.
    2. Select a property class and define the required property parameters.
    3. Click Add.
    A new property is added to the list in the Properties - Whole Structure dialog. This property is marked as "Physical".
  4. Assign this property to the physical member.
Note: For a Physical Member whose physical member property is already assigned, the individual analytical members in that Physical member will adopt the same member property that of the physical member. However, in case, where the analytical member property is assigned to any member in that physical member, then this analytical member property will supersede physical member property.