STAAD.Pro Help

D1.G.6 Member Design Capabilities

STAAD.Pro is capable of performing member design functions for both 1984 and 1994 editions of AITC.

Tip: The User Interface can be used to easily assign design commands to members.

D1.G.6.1 Code Checking

The CHECK CODE command enables the user to check the adequacy of the size ( YD X ZD ) provided in the MEMBER PROPERTIES for the most critical forces and moments. The program prints whether the member has passed or failed, the critical conditions and the value of the ratio.

D1.G.6.2 Member Selection

Member selection is limited to AITC 1994.

The SELECT MEMBER command starts with the min. permissible depth (or min. depth provided thru DMIN parameter) and checks the code. If the member fails with this depth, the thickness is increased by one lamination thickness and the code requirements are checked again. The process is continued till the section passes all the code requirements. This ensures the least weight section for the member. If the depth of the section reaches max. allowable or available depth and the member still fails, you can have the following options for redesign:

  1. Change the width or increase the max. allowable depth (DMAX)
  2. Change the timber grade
  3. Change the design parameters