STAAD.Pro Help

P. Plot Using the Take Picture Tool

  1. On the Utilities ribbon tab, select the Take Picture tool in the Utilities group.

    The Picture # dialog opens.

    The Picture # dialog with the ID and Capture automatically generated

  2. (Optional) Type a Picture ID

    The ID is incremented automatically.

  3. (Optional) Type a Caption
    Note: For most View window contents, the caption will be automatically completed with a description of the contents.
  4. Click OK. This picture is saved for use in reports.
  5. Open the Report Setup:
    1. Select the File ribbon tab. The Backstage view opens.
    2. Select the Report tab and then Setup.

    The Report Setup dialog opens.

    Note: The Available items list is filtered by the drop-down selection list above it. This allows you to sort your reports.
  6. On the Items tab, select Pictures from the available list of items.
  7. Add one or more pictures to the Selected list by clicking [>].
  8. (Optional) Select the Picture Album
    Tip: You can manage pictures taken using the Take Picture tool here.

  9. (Optional) Select the Full Page
  10. Click OK.
  11. Select File > Print Report. The diagram will be plotted.

Alternatively, Select File > Export Report > MS Word File to create a report you can print from Microsoft Word.

In the Save As dialog, specify a name for the file and click Save. In the template dialog, select the Normal template (or use any custom Word templates you have created).

Microsoft Office Word builds the file with the picture in it. Once this task is completed, the new file is opened in Microsoft Office Word.