STAAD.Pro Help

T.1 Specifying member properties

Tip: In STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler, you will select a model object and then assign properties, loads, etc. to that object. This fundamental workflow is import to understand as it applies to essentially all actions once you have drawn your model objects.
  1. Select the two column members (M1 and M3):
    1. Click anywhere in the empty are in the view window. All model objects (members and nodes) are deselected.
    2. Click-and-drag a line horizontally from right to left across the columns to select them. This method (i.e., right to left) will select any model object that your drag window crosses.
    Note: The Member ribbon tab reappears any time you have one or more members in your current selection.
  2. On the Member ribbon tab, select the Section tool in the Assign properties group.

    The Assign Section dialog opens.
  3. Specify the section data for the columns:
    1. Leave all the defaults:
      • Type: Standard,
      • Country: United States,
      • Material: STEEL,
      • Category: Hot Rolled,
      • Specification: AISC,
      • Version: 14 Edition,
      • Manufacturer: Generic
    2. Select W from the Table drop-down list. The list of all section names in this table are populated.
    3. Scroll to and select W12X35 in the list.
    4. Click OK.
    The section is assigned to the columns.
  4. Click on the beam member. It is selected and all other members are deselected.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 except to assign a W14X34 to the beam (M2).
  6. Select all three members by either:

    click-and-drag a window around them


    press <Ctrl+A>


    on the Data ribbon tab, select the Select all tool in the Model group

    Tip: There are numerous ways in which to select all the beams in a model. These are some examples.
  7. On the Member ribbon tab, select the Material tool in the Assign properties group.

    The Assign Material dialog opens.
  8. Specify the material data for the members:
    1. Leave the initial defaults:
      • Source: Catalog
      • Type: Standard
      • Country: United States
    2. Select ASTM_STEEL from the Specification drop-down list.
    3. Select A992 from the Name list.
    4. Click OK.
    The material is assigned to the members.