STAAD.Pro Help

M. To move the model origin

To shift the translate the entire model by shifting the origin location along a vector, use the following procedure.

Tip: You can use the Generate Rotate tool to rotate the entire model about the origin as well.
  1. On the Geometry ribbon tab, select the Move Node > Move Origin tool in the Node group.

    The Move Origin dialog opens.
  2. Specify the origin offset vector method:
    Vector method Do the following…
    two nodes select the By distance between following two nodes and then type the node numbers in the corresponding fields.
    global axes components select the By the following X, Y and Z values and then type the global axes component distances in the corresponding fields.
    Either method generates a vector by which the origin is shifted.
    A positive value in the coordinates (or resulting positive value resulting the from the selected nodes) will move the origin in a positive direction along the corresponding global axis. Thus, the resulting coordinate of each node is therefore reduced by that same magnitude.

    Note: For example, providing a origin shift along the X axis of 5 units, means that a node previously located at the origin now has an X coordinate of -5 units.

  3. Click OK.
The coordinates of each node are modified in the STAAD input file to reflect the change in distance to the new origin.