STAAD.Pro Help

M. To automatically generate physical member restraints

Used the following procedure to automatically generate top and bottom flange restraint conditions for the selected physical members.

Note: The PBRACE command generated by this menu item is valid only for AS 4100 (Australian) steel design .
  1. Create a STAAD.Pro model with steel members.
  2. Either:

    on the Analysis and Design ribbon tab, select the Design >  Steel Design tool in the Design group


    select the Design page

    The Steel Design - Whole Structure dialog opens.
  3. Form one or more physical members in the model.
  4. Select AS4100 as the Current Code.
  5. Select one or more of the physical members.
  6. On the Utilities ribbon tab, select the Physical Member Restraints tool in the Geometry Tools group.

    The PBRACE commands are added for the current design parameter set with the tag (Physical).

    Note: Only top or bottom flange restraints can be described using a single PBRACE command. Therefore, this command generates to lines of PBRACE commands for each physical member.