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M. Toolbar

A list of tools found in Equivalent Section.

Tool Description Shortcut

Opens the Open Data File dialog, which is used to select either Section Builder (file extension .SEC) files or Free Sketch (file extension .CNS) files. Controls in this dialog are analogous to a common Windows open dialog, except as noted in the following.

If the Preview option is selected, then a graphical preview of the section in a selected file is displayed prior to opening the file.

Save Opens the Save dialog box if the file has not previously been saved and allows the Equivalent Section, section to be saved. If the file has previously been saved, then that file is updated with the new data. Files are saved in the Section Builder *.SEC format.  
Report Once an equivalent section has been 'found', the data displayed in the table and a dimensioned drawing will be sent to a report formatted to the Report Type option defined in the Misc sheet of the Program Preferences dialog. See Preferences below.  
Create Standard Section Opens the Section dialog which is used to quickly generate a composite section based on one of seven options. This is the same option that is available in the Section Builder module.  
Preferences Opens the Preferences dialog.  
Launch Section Builder module Launches the Section Builder module of Section Wizard and creates section based on the section that was 'found'  
Launch Free Sketch module Launches the c_Free_Sketch_module of Section Wizard and creates section based on the section that was 'found'.  
Export STAAD User Database This allows the current section data to be used to create STAAD External User tables. There are two types of database that can be created , either a Prismatic Section or a General Section. Selecting either command will ask for a name of file to be used. If the filename chosen exists already, then the current section will be added to the bottom of the file.