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D1.H.2 Design Procedure

The design is done according to the rules specified in Sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.4 on pages I-A-41 and I-A-42 of the Aluminum code. The allowable stresses for the various sections are computed according to the equations shown in Section 3.4.1 through 3.4.21 on pages I-A-27 through I-A-40. The adequacy of the member is checked by calculating the value of the left-hand side of equations 4.1.1-1, 4.1.1-2, 4.1.1-3, 4.1.2-1, 4.4-1 and 4.4-2. This left-hand side value is termed as RATIO. If the highest RATIO among these equations turns out to be less than or equal to 1.0, the member is declared as having PASSed. If it exceeds 1.0, the member has FAILed the design requirements.
Note: The check for torsion per Clause 4.3 for open sections is currently not implemented in STAAD.Pro.