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AD.2007-1001.2.6 Advanced Solver

A new substantially faster analysis engine has been produced which can provide solutions of large structures in a fraction of the time currently required by the standard STAAD engine. The Advanced Solver generally uses less disk and memory as well.

The Advanced solver is a new addition to the STAAD Analysis Engine which can be used for solving both static and dynamic problems. It is part of the STAAD engine with no special command required to run it.

The engine can operate in two modes: in-core and out-of-core. The in-core solver will be used for models with under 20,000 joints and the out-of-core solver for models over 20,000 joints. In most situations, the in-core mode will provide the quickest solution, but where there is insufficient memory available, then the engine will use the out-of-core mode. Again, selection of the mode is automatically chosen by the analysis, but can be overridden using the SET STAR command.

The full set of overrides for the advanced engine is:

  • SET STAR 3 – default
  • SET STAR 4 – use out-of-core solver regardless of size