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AD.2007-08.3.7 User Defined Section for EC3

The feature to design user-provided table (UPT) general sections has now been introduced steel members designed per Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1-1:2005). However, rather than assuming that the section will behave like an I section, you are given the option of choosing the 'section-type' he would like to design the member for.

This is achieved through the introduction of a new design parameter, GST, that has the following values:
  1. I-Section (Default)
  2. Single Channel
  3. Rectangular Hollow Section
  4. Circular Hollow Section
  5. Angle Section
  6. Tee Section

Unless specified using the GST parameter, a general section will be assumed to be an I- Section.

Note: This parameter will be ignored if assigned to any section other than a General Section.

The design procedure will then account for the section type and proceed with the design as necessary. The output report will also indicate the section type considered for the design of the UPT section. The design output will indicate the section as follows:

             *     1 ST   IPE100       (UPT: DESIGNED AS I-SECTION)
		                FAIL     EC-6.3.2 LTB       8.591         1
                        0.00            0.00         -31.25        2.50
 |MCZ=    9.2 MCY=    2.1 PC=    12.3 PT=   242.1 MB=    3.6 PV=   68.7|
 | BUCKLING  CO-EFFICIENTS C1  AND  K  :    C1 =  1.132    K =  1.000  |
 | PZ=   242.05    FX/PZ =   0.00       MRZ=    9.2      MRY=    2.1   |

Refer to D5.C.6 Design Parameters for additional information on all EC3 design parameters.