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TR.20.3 Tapered Member Specification

The following commands are used to specify section properties for tapered I-shapes.

General Format

argument-list  = f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 (f6 f7)


f1 Depth of section at start node. Must be greater than f3.
f2 Thickness of web.
f3 Depth of section at end node.
f4 Width of top flange.
f5 Thickness of top flange.
f6 Width of bottom flange. Defaults to f4 if left out.
f7 Thickness of bottom flange. Defaults to f5 left out


1 TO 5 TAPERED 15.98 0.285 11.98 6.745 .455 6.745 .455

See C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition\Samples\ US\Doubly_Symm-I_tapered.std for an additional example of designing a member with a tapered I section.


  1. All dimensions (f1, f2, … f7) should be in current units.
  2. f1 (Depth of section at start node) should always be greater than f3 (Depth of section at end node). You must provide the member incidences accordingly.
  3. Shear deformation is not considered for tapered I-Beams and tapered poles. This means that the SET SHEAR command has no effect on the deformation computed for members with these cross sections.