STAAD.Pro Help

M. To assign a member rotation angle

To assign an arbitrary member rotation angle about its longitudinal axis, use the following procedure.

The rotation of a member about it's longitudinal axis is referred to as the "beta angle" in STAAD.Pro.
  1. Select one or more members in the view window.
  2. On the Specification ribbon tab, select the Beam > Beta Angle tool in the Specifications group.

    The Beta Angle dialog opens.
  3. Select the Angle in Degrees option and then type the angle of rotation.
  4. Select the To Selection option.
    Tip: The To View option assigns the specification to all members in the view window.
  5. Click OK. The rotation angle is assigned. A new beta angle specification is added to the Beta Angle tab on the Properties - Whole Structure dialog. This angle can be assigned to additional beams from this dialog.