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D9.A.7 Design Parameters

The program contains a number of parameters which are needed to perform the design. Default parameter values have been selected such that they are frequently used numbers for conventional design requirements. These values may be changed to suit the particular design being performed. Table 10A.1 contains a complete list of the available parameters and their default values. It is necessary to declare length and force units as centimeters and Kilograms before performing the concrete design.
Note: Once a parameter is specified, its value stays at that specified number until it is specified again. This is the way STAAD.Pro works for all codes.
Table 1. Japanese Concrete Design Parameters
Parameter Name Default Value Description

Must be specified as JAPAN.

Design code to follow. See TR.53.2 Concrete Design-Parameter Specification.


Value to define biaxial or uniaxial design type for Column

  • 0. uniaxial design only
  • 1. design for biaxial moments

3.0 cm (beam)

4.0 cm


Clear cover for Beam or clear side cover for column.
DEPTH YD Depth of concrete member. This value defaults to YD as provided under MEMBER PROPERTIES.
EFACE 0.0 Face of support location at end of beam. (Note: Both SFACE & EFACE are input as positive numbers).
FC 210 Kg/cm2 Compressive Strength of Concrete.
FYMAIN SR235 Steel grade. Acceptable values for steel grade and their associated yield stress values are shown in the following table. Program automatically calculates yield stress value depending on design load type (permanent or temporary).
FYSEC SR235 Same as FYMAIN except this is for secondary steel.
LONG 0.0

Value to define design load type

  • 0. Permanent Loading
  • 1. Temporary Loading
MAXMAIN 41.0 cm Maximum main reinforcement bar size
MAXSEC 41.0 cm Maximum secondary reinforcement bar size.
MINMAIN 10 mm Minimum main reinforcement bar size.
MINSEC 10 mm Minimum secondary reinforcement bar size.
MMAG 1.0 Design moment magnification factor
NSECTION 12 Number of equally-spaced sections to be considered in finding critical moments for beam design.
REINF 0.0 Tied Column. A value of 1.0 will mean spiral.
SFACE 0.0 Face of support location at start of beam.
SMAG 1.0 Design shear magnification factor

Value to request for torsion design for beam

  • 0. torsion design not needed
  • 1. torsion design needed

Beam Design:

  • 0. Critical section design results.
  • 1. Five section design results & design forces.
  • 2. 12 section design results & design forces.

Column Design:

  • 1. Detail design results for critical load case only.
  • 2. Design results for minimum P, maximum P, maximum MZ and maximum MY among all load cases for both ends.
WIDTH ZD Width of concrete member. This value defaults to ZD as provided under MEMBER PROPERTIES.
Table 2. Table of permissible Steel Grades and associated Yield Stresses for FYMAIN and FYSEC parameters
Steel Grade Long Term Loading Short Term Loading
Tension & Compression Shear Reinforcement Tension & Compression Shear Reinforcement




1600 1600 2400 2400



1600 2000 3000 3000




2000 2000 3000 3000



2200 (2000) 2000 3500 3500
SD390 2200 (2000) 2000 4000 4000