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AD.2007-05.1.2 IS 800:2007 Steel Design

The Indian Bureau of Standards has released a new version of the design code for the design of steel structures, known as IS 800:2007. This replaces the previous version of the code (also supported in STAAD.Pro), IS 800:1984, which was versified again in 1998. This is a new approach to steel design and is based on the limit state design rather than a stress based design of the old code.

The Steel Design section has been enhanced to include design per IS 800:2007. Both section checking and selection routines are supported.

The design will follow the same process as used by all other steel design codes currently available in STAAD.Pro. The design of each member is controlled through a set of parameters that have been added to the GUI Steel Design Dialog under the title IS 800:2007.

The design engine will allow all standard section database sections and User Table sections to be designed.

The design process followed:
  1. Check slenderness
  2. Check classification
  3. Check tension forces
  4. Check compression forces
  5. Check bending Forces
  6. Check interaction
The results will be:
  1. output to the ANL file
  2. available in the member query
  3. available in the post processing mode in the Design Results table
Note: *Top and Bottom represent the positive and negative side of the local Y axis (local Z axis if SET Z UP is used).