STAAD.Pro Help

Video Compression dialog

Used to select the video compression codec and set associated compression parameters for an AVI file. AVI files can be quite large, and compression is a technique by which the size of these files may be reduced.

Opens when OK is clicked in the Create AVI File dialog.


Select one of the included means of video compression:

Compressor Description Settings
Full Frames (Uncompressed) No video compression is used. This results in the largest file size but does not require any additional settings or video codecs installed. none
Microsoft RLE The Microsoft Run Length Encoding codec is supported in Windows Media Player 9 and higher as well Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and newer. Compression Quality
Microsoft Video 1 Uses the Microsoft Video 1 Compressor. Compression Quality
Intel IYUV codec An uncompressed video codec. The compression quality is set to 75%. none
Cinepak Codec by Radius The Cinepak video codec is supported in Windows Media Player 9 and higher as well Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and newer.

Video can be compressed to color or black & white.

Compression Quality

VMnc v2 The VMware lossless (uncompressed) codec. none
TechSmith Screen Capture Codec Uses the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec, which provides high compression rates with little video degradation for screen recordings. Compression Control
Compression Quality

Use the slider control to set the compression percentage. The lower the number, the higher the compression amount but with reduced video quality. The default setting for each Compressor is recommended. A value of 100 means no compression is used.


Accepts the settings and produces the AVI video. A message dialog displays the status of the video creation and the animation opens in the AVI Player window.


Closes the dialog without creating the AVI video.


(For select codecs only) Opens a dialog with additional video compression settings, as described in the table above.


(For select codecs only) Opens a dialog displaying additional license and contact information about he codec supplier.