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RR 22.05.00-3.1 IS 800-2007 Seismic Detailing per Section 12

The program can now check seismic detailing per Section 12 of IS 800 2007 when a IS 1893 seismic definition is used for earthquake loading.
Note: This is only available for design using the LFD method. It is not applicable to design using the ASD method.

Additional load combinations for use with IS800-2007 section 12. These are contained in a new load combination table in the automatic load combinations generator.

New design parameters are available for this check. The SEISMIC is used to initiate a seismic check per Section 12. The IMM parameter is used to specify the member type. The values of the SSY and SSZ parameters are used to specify the frame type (as previous) or to indicate that the member is not part of a lateral earthquake load in that direction (the default for these parameters).