STAAD.Pro Help

M. To Edit Slab Properties

To edit the parameters of an existing slab, use the following steps.

Note: The label or material and load parameters of a slab may be edited. To edit they geometry, you must deleted and redraw a slab.
  1. In a plan workspace, select Slab >  Select/Unselect.
    Tip: You can use some of the other selection tools to refine your selection of slabs as necessary.
  2. Select a slab in the graphical view.
    Tip: Hold <Ctrl> to select multiple slabs.
  3. Either:

    Select Slab > Set Property and Loads for Selected Slab/s


    Right-click and select Set Property and Loads for Selected Slab/s from the pop-up menu.

    The Set Slab Property and Loading dialog opens.
  4. Check the options for each parameter you want to edit for all selected slabs and then type or select the value.
  5. Click OK.