STAAD.Pro Help

A. To perform an analysis in STAAD.Pro

Once you have completed the input file, use the following procedure to perform an analysis and optional design.

The STAAD analysis engine performs analysis and design sequentially with a single click. In order to carry out the design, these design parameters must be specified along with geometry, properties, etc. in the input file (this is referred to as a "batch" design). Also, note that you can change the design code used for design and code check before performing the analysis and design.

The Analytical Modeling and Physical Modeling of the STAAD.Pro user interface are used to prepare the structural input data which is then passed to the STAAD analysis engine for general purpose structural analysis and design.

  1. Either:

    Select the  Run Analysis tool in the Analysis group on the Analysis and Design ribbon tab.


    Press <CTRL+F5>

    The STAAD Analysis and Design dialog opens.

    During the analysis (and design, if specified), an output file is generated. This file may contain selected input data items, results and error messages. Optional print specifications can be used to include additional information in the output file.

  2. Select an option for what action occurs when the dialog is closed:

    Open the output file


    go to the post-processing mode


    remain in the analytical modeling mode

  3. Click Done.
  4. (Optional) To review the output file is this option was not selected in the STAAD Analysis and Design dialog, either:

    Select the STAAD Output tool in the Utilities group on the Utilities ribbon tab


    Select the View STAAD Output File tool on the Quick Start toolbar.