STAAD.Pro Help

M. To add an area load

To add an loaded area which distributes pressure to beams forming a closed loop, use the following procedure.

Note: The AREA LOAD command has been deprecated in favor of the ONEWAY LOAD or FLOOR LOAD commands.
  1. Either:

    On the Loading ribbon tab, select the Load Items tool in the Loading Specifications group

    Tip: This will add the load item to the currently selected load group selected in the program status bar.


    In the Load & Definition dialog, select a primary load case in the Load Cases Details list and then click Add.

    The Add New Load Items dialog opens.
  2. Type the magnitude of the Pressure in the current units.
  3. Select the Direction in which the pressure acts.
    • Local Z - parallel to the member local Z axis
    • GX – parallel to the global X axis
    • GY – parallel to the global Y axis
    • GZ – parallel to the global Z axis
  4. Click Add. The load item is added to the selected load case.