STAAD.Pro Help

To assign loads to a physical member

  1. Select the General | Load & Definition page.
  2. Select a load case in the Load & Definition dialog and click Add. Physical member loads can be assigned to a new or existing load case. The Add New : Load Items dialog opens.
  3. Select the Physical Member Loads tab.
  4. Specify the load item paramters for a load type and click Add. The load item is added to the load case and is marked as "Physical".
  5. Assign the physical load items to physical members.
Note: For a Physical Member whose physical member Load is already assigned, the individual analytical members in that Physical member will adopt the member loads internally depending on the physical member load. However, in case, where the analytical member Load is assigned to any member in that physical member, then this analytical member Load will superimpose on the physical member Load.