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D2.B.10 Member Selection

This process incrementally checks increasing section profile sizes until a size is found that is AS 4100 compliant, or the largest section has been checked. Only section profiles of the same type as modeled are incrementally checked, with the increasing sizes based on a least weight per unit length criteria.

For example, a member specified initially as a channel will have a channel selected for it. Selection of members whose properties are originally provided from a user table will be limited to sections in the user table.

The design calculations for Member Selection are the same as for Code Checking.

Tip: A Fixed Group command is also available, and can be used to force all members within a user-defined group to take the same section size based on the most critical governing design criteria for all members within that group. This is particularly useful when you want to use the Member Selection feature, but want a group of elements to have the same size. Refer to TR.50 Group Specification for information on using this feature.
Note: Member Selection will change member sizes, and hence will change the structure’s stiffness matrix. In order to correctly account for this, a subsequent analysis and Code Check should be performed to ensure that the final structure is acceptable. This may need to be carried out over several iterations.
Note: Composite and prismatic sections cannot be selected.

Refer to D1.B.1.4 Member Selection for general information on Member Selection. Refer to TR.49.1 Member Selection Specification for details the specification of the Member Selection command.

Example of commands for member selection:

FYLD 330E6 MEMB 3 4
NSF 0.85 ALL
KY 1.2 MEMB 3 4