STAAD.Pro Help

D1.H.1 Member Properties

In order to do this design in STAAD.Pro, the members in the structure must have their properties specified from Section VI of the above-mentioned manual. The section names are mentioned in Tables 5 through 28 of that manual. All of those tables except Table 10 (Wing Channels) and Table 20 (Bulb Angles) are available in STAAD.Pro.

Described below is the command specification for various sections:

D1.H.1.1 Standard single section

memb-list  TA ST section-name 


1 TO 5 TA ST CS12X11.8
9 TA ST I8.00X13.1
11 33 45 67 TA ST LS8.00X8.00X0.625
18 TA ST 1.50PipeX160
15 TA ST T(A-N)6.00X8.00X11.2
23 25 29 TA ST 20X12RectX.500Wall

D1.H.1.2 Double channel back-to-back

memb-list  TA BACK section-name  SPACING value 


3 TA BACK C(A-N)7X3.61 SPACING 1.5
5 TA BACK C15X17.33 SP 0.75

D1.H.1.3 Double channel front-to-front

memb-list  TA FRONT section-name  SPACING value 


2 TA FRONT CS12X10.3 SP 1.0
4 TA FR CS10X10.1 SP 0.5

D1.H.1.4 Double angle long leg back-to-back

memb-list  TA LD section-name  SPACING value 


14 TA LD LS4.00X3.00X0.375 SP 1.5

D1.H.1.5 Double angle short leg back-to-back

memb-list  TA SD section-name  SPACING value 


12 TA SD L3.5X3X0.5 SP 0.25
13 TA SD L8X6X0.75 SP 1.0