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D. RAM Connection Result frames table

Used to review frame member assignments and specify reduced section (induced plastic hinge) parameters for beam members within a frame.

Note: A column member may be used in multiple frames but a beam member can only be used in a single frame definition.

Opens when the Seismic Frame page is selected in the Connection workflow.

The table rows are grouped first by Frame No and then by Member number. The Type of lateral seismic resisting is also displayed. These elements (shaded in yellow) may not be edited. The location and dimensions of reduced beam sections (RBS) for forming plastic hinges may be specified here for beam members.


  • Sh is the distance to the Hinge Location
  • RBS-a is the horizontal distance to locate the reduce beam section
  • RBS-b is the length of the reduced section of the flange of the beam
  • RBS-c is the depth of the reduced section of the flange