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OS. Additional References

Documentation for VBA is beyond the scope of this manual and Bentley does not provide direct support on how to write VBA macros.  There are, however, several useful and free sites on the Web to assist a beginner on writing macros in STAAD, Excel, AutoCAD, or any other VBA compliant software.

Note: You can get help on Visual Basic and using VBA by selecting the Help menu in the VBA Editor.

It should be noted that the VBA language is the same from software to software. However, the functions, objects, and core libraries will obviously vary.

The sites recommended by Bentley are as follows:

Also, it is worth noting that many programs such as MicroStation and Microsoft Office Excel have a useful Record Macro feature.  You can run the recorder and then select any commands from the program's ribbon tabs.  The corresponding VBA syntax will automatically be generated. 

For additional information on using macros and VBA in Excel or other Microsoft Office programs, Microsoft's MSDN is a recommended starting point: