STAAD.Pro Help

EX. Create the model and plan details

  1. On the Start page, select New. The New page opens to the Model Info tab.
  2. Type Building Example in the File Name field and then select a Location to store the file.
  3. Select the Building option for the Type of model.
  4. Select Metric for the Units.
    Note: You can use either system of units in the STAAD.Pro Analytical Workflow once you generate the analysis model. However, the Building Planner application only operates in metric units.
  5. (Optional) Select the Job Info tab to add project member names, dates, project description data, etc. You can also associate your STAAD project with a ProjectWise Project here.
  6. Click Create.

    The STAAD.Pro window closes and the STAAD Building Planner application opens. The Start dialog opens.
  7. Provide the project details:
    1. Type Building Example in the Project field.
    2. Type Demo in the Client field.
    3. Type your name or initials in the Engineer field.
    4. Type 2 in the No. of Levels field.
    5. Type 5 (m) in the Founding Depth field. This value is the distance from the top of foundations to the first floor.
  8. Click Create Project. The New Plan dialog opens.
  9. Enter in the plan details and assign it to the levels:
    1. Type 4 (m) in the Height of Level Above field.
    2. Click in the Assign Levels drop-down list and then click in the fields for both levels 1 and 2 such that Plan1 is displayed there. This action assigns the typical plan to both levels.
    3. In the Import Plan group, select the Create Plan Graphically option. You will use the graphical interface to create a simple plan in this tutorial.
    Leave the remaining options in the dialog their default values.
  10. Click Create Plan. The Slab Details (Rectangle) dialog opens.
Proceed to the next set of steps to generate the slab.