STAAD.Pro Help

To assign specifications to a physical member

Only the Release, Offset, and Truss member specifications are available for physical members.
  1. Select the General | Spec page.
  2. Select the Toggle Physical Member mode tool in the Physical Member toolbar.
  3. Create the member specification:
    1. Click Beam in the Specifications - Whole Structure dialog. The Member Specification dialog opens.
    2. Select the dialog tab corresponding to the specificaiton type you want to add.
    3. For Release or Offset specifications, specify the parameters to define the specificaiton.
    4. Click Add.
    A new specification is added to the list in the Specifications - Whole Structure dialog. Release and Offset specifications are marked as "Physical" where as Truss specifications are labeled PMEMBER TRUSS.
  4. Assign this specification to the physical member.
Note: For a Physical Member whose physical member specification is already assigned, the individual analytical members in that Physical member will adopt the same member specification that of the physical member. However, in case, where the analytical member specification is assigned to any member in that physical member, then this analytical member specification will supersede physical member specification.