STAAD.Pro Help

M. Quadrilateral Plate

The Quadrilateral prototype can be used to mesh a quadrilateral surface into small plate elements. Select the Quadrilateral prototype under the model type Surfaces. Drag the item into the right-side window and release the button. The Select Meshing Parameters dialog box will appear to specify the parameters.

Corners Provide the relative coordinates of the corners of the Quadrilateral Surface or region you want to mesh.
Bias & Divisions Specify the number of divisions you want along all the edges and the respective biasing. The minimum and maximum limits of number of divisions of each side are 1 and 100 respectively. Two opposite sides may have different numbers of divisions. When the number of divisions for two opposite sides are different, the sum of all divisions must be an even number for quadrilateral elements.

If you want equal divisions along the length of a side, keep the Bias as 1. If your intention is to divide a side in such a way that the length of the last division is five times the length of the first division, specify Bias for that side as 5 along with the number of divisions.

Biasing may be negative. When negative Biasing has been specified, the side is divided so that the first division length is the value of the Biasing times the last division length.

Element Type Select the appropriate radio button depending on whether you want to mesh the region in smaller Triangular Elements or Quadrilateral Elements.